Friday, December 14, 2007

Encaustic Paintings by Linda Walker and Robert McGehee.

Encaustic paintings above are by Houston artist Robert McGehee.
Encaustic paintings below are by Houston artist Linda Walker.

Mapping Series

Mapping Series, originally uploaded by gwendolynplunkett.

See images from Mapping Series at this site.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Two Artists Talking: More Thoughts on Joseph Cornell, aka The Universe with 90-degree Angles

Two Artists Talking: More Thoughts on Joseph Cornell, aka The Universe with 90-degree Angles

Just a note to what is said above. I was fortunate to see the Salem exhibition in June. Always
loved the poetics of his work and felt so fortunate to have his work exhibited while I was staying so conveniently just blocks away. You really put me back into that cool and darkened space of the exhibition. Thanks.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Texas Wax/Houston Inaugural Meeting

Pictured L to R are Billie Forney, Cynthia Robertson, Robert McGehee, Suzanne Shield-Polk
Texas Wax/Houston is a confirmed fact. First meeting was held yesterday at my house of like minded artists who share interest in beeswax as an medium. We are in fact artists who feel more inclined to identify ourselves as "mixed media" artists rather than "Encaustic artists" but even that may be too specific. However, one of the attributes of the encaustic medium is it's versatility and compatibility with other "stuff". With that in mind, we come together to learn, share, and spread the word.
At this juncture, we have decided to come together as a loosely structured organization,
meeting monthly. Intentions are to share work, ideas, comments, and techniques. We are hoping to plan and offer workshops, retreats, and exhibition opportunities for our members.

Next meeting will be on the January 6, the first Sunday of January.

If you are an artist in the Houston area already working in encaustics and who would like to find out more about this group leave contact information at the comment button. I will get back with you.


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