Monday, December 29, 2008

Working to shine ......

You may remember an earlier post Mixed Media, Mixed Blessings... on my other blog about this artist Lydia Bodnar-Balahutrak when I visited her studio in the spring. Much of Lydia's current work is personal response to current political issues, but she has for some years now been addressing personal/political issues related to her Ukranian heritage.
From Lydia,
"This year marked the 75-year anniversary of the 1932-33 Famine in Ukraine, the Holodomor.
The following article and images documenting Houston's commemoration of the Holodomor appeared in the December 29, 2008 issue of The Houston Chronicle, page 1, Section B (City and State) and online on here."
All images curtesy of The Houston Chronicle and Lydia Balahutrak.

Above: Child II Shrouds
Image below is Lydia holding the above work. Click on the image below to hear her speak about her work and this issue.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ole Joe Clark Gone to the Bees!

Produced by The Honeybee Project, this is a fun video. I love the new words to the traditional Bluegrass Old Joe Clark song! Makes me want to get out my fiddle!
Teenager Todd Elliot is the musician, singer and beekeeper in the video.
This project (The Honeybee Project) is an educational project designed for children (K-6) to raise awareness and engage them in the world they live. Further, their "goals are to educate, raise awareness, and demystify the honeybee for children while helping them form a connection to nature."
Go to their web site for more about them and what they do.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TexasWAX/November Meeting

Painting by Deanna Wood, TexasWAX/Dallas from Some Like It Hot, TAM Port Arthur, TX

Our November meeting was held Sunday the 16th at Gwen's house. In attendance besides Gwen, were Robert McGehee, Suzanne Shield-Polk, Susan Crowson, Cynthia Robertson, Julia Kiovumaa, and our newest member, Sara Cooney. Sara recently moved to Houston, (La Porte, TX) from San Francisco welcomed to Texas by big Ike!

Next Year's Schedule:
It was a very productive meeting in that we were able to mark off some of the items on our t0-do list for this month. Number one was our schedule for next year. Well, we only got as far as April but that is a start and perhaps we can finish the calendar for 2009 at our December meeting.

Here is the schedule we have so far:
December 16 - 6 PM (Tuesday evening) at Julia's house

Back to Sunday meetings in 2009, this year on the second Sunday of the month.
Our meetings usually begin at either 2:30 but sometimes we begin at 3:00.

January 11th - Cynthia Robertson's house
February 8th - Sara Cooney's house
March 8th - Robert's house
April 12th - Darke Gallery, 5421 Feagan @ Detering.

(I need to make sure this date is good with Linda Swaynos at Darke first) (Julia, Gwen, (both Houston artists) and Sharon Kyle-Kuhn (who is from TexasWAX/Austin) will be exhibiting some of their work along with Linda Swaynos at Darke during the month of April.)

Painting by Julia Koivumaa from Some Like It Hot, TAM, Port Arthur, TX

We continued our discussion about combining an exhibition proposal combined with a program or panel discussion regarding the disappearance of the bee population.

Check out the TexasWAX/Dallas latest blog post regarding the program they presented at MAC in Dallas. Their presentation is called Global Swarming. I like it.

Workshop and guest instructor:
We are also hoping to bring in an artist from outside our group to do a workshop. Several artist's name were put forward. We are hoping to get an artist who uses wax in 3/D. Julia offered to make contact with one of the artists on the list to find out about availability and fees. We are thinking of doing this in conjunction with Cy-Fair College and the Encaustic program Robert has started there. Cynthia Robertson offered to write a proposal for a mini-grant to help fund this endeavor through the school's Breaking Boundaries program this year.

Some Like it Hot:
Last but not least, we talked about the Some Like it Hot exhibition in Port Arthur. Many thanks again to TAM (Texas Artists Museum) in Port Arthur for hosting the exhibition and in particular, Sandy Trevino-Wigley the Interim Executive Director there who was so helpful.
And again, many thanks to Junane Peck and Darlyne Hartman
of the Dallas group who were instrumental in getting this exhibition in Port Arthur and for inviting the Houston group to participate.

I don't remember if this came up at the meeting or not but regarding Some Like it Hot exhibition, I know Junanne would like for that exhibition to travel to other cities in Texas. She is hoping for Houston next, but since we are planning the Degrees exhibition in May at M2 Gallery, I don't know if Houston is the best place for it to go next. I like the idea of that exhibition traveling and picking up art as it moves along though. We will have to think about that more.

New Mexico:
Junanne in Dallas was contacted recently by artist Harriette Tsosie in the New Mexico wax group and they are interested in putting together a joint NM/Texas exhibition. You can check out their site here.

Degrees at M2 Gallery:
About the Degrees exhibition, Deanna Wood has been working on the prospectus for it she says it is almost complete. I will send it out when I get it.

Robert's Encaustic workshop:
FYI for anyone reading this in the Houston area who is interested learning about encaustics, Robert McGehee teaches an Encaustic workshop through the Continuing Ed program at Lonestar College - CyFair every spring and fall. The class is limited to eight students and the cost is very reasonable. Every other year, Bosque Gallery at CyFair College hosts and Encaustic

See everyone in December at Julia's.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Like it Hot in at TAM in Port Arthur

Suzanne Shield-Polk

Here are some images of our exhibition at Texas Artists Museum in Port Arthur. The reception was well attended. Artists Junanne Peck and Darlyne Hartman (TexasWAX/Dallas members) were instrumental in arranging for this to happen. Thanks to them both for all their work.

Thanks to the people at TAM for the lovely space and reception.

Below are some of the images I took at the reception. I will just post a few. Check out TexasWAX/Dallas for more.

Dian Reader Dorn

Mirtha Aertker
L. Diane Reader Dorn Center two: Susan Crowson Far Right: Linda Walker

Charlotte Cornett
Elaine Thuene
Center: Gwendolyn Plunkett On either end: Julia Kiovumaa
L. Larry C. Kitchen
Center: Nancy Lea

Sandy Trevino-Wigley, Interim Executive Director

Peggy Epner and Carmen Menza
Franzi Bader

Trayc Claybrook's work

Choral group from Lamar (They were great, by-the-way! Such fun!)

Trayc Claybrook
Sylvia Thronton

Cheryl McClure

Julia Kiovumaa

Deanna Wood
Elaine Thuener
Top: Robin Walker Lower: Larry C. Kitchen

Thursday, October 16, 2008

TexasWAX/Houston September and October Meeting and Sister Bee

I have included in this post the minutes to both the September and October meeting.
"Ike" came along and really messed things up for awhile and I just never got back to it.

Julia Kiovumaa graciously hosted the September meeting at her house in the Heights. Thanks Julia, for the tasty Thai nibblers. They were great. Your house is lovely and it was really great to see more of you work.

We had a small group in attendance. Besides Julia, in attendance were Cynthia Robertson, Suzanne Shield-Polk, Gwen Plunkett, Robert McGehee.

One of the things we discussed at the September meeting was our schedule for doing demos at two Houston locations later in September. (Jerry's Artarama and Houston Center for Contemporary Craft.) Because of the Ike however, these activities have been put on hold until a later time.

Other topics of discussion were mainly centered around exhibition plans for our TexasWAX group show (Degrees) in 2009.

I did a show-and-tell with some melting pots I purchased at IKEA in the children's department. Some of the artists who gave presentations at the conference in June were using these lidded pots. I was told where they were purchased and decided to get some for myself. Unfortunately, you have to buy them in sets which proves not so economical. I purchased two sets even so.

Julia gave us a tour of her studio which is set up in her garage just behind her house and of course we got to see more of her work, some still under way. She works quite large and we are all impressed.

We ran out of time though to watch the Sister Bee movie by Laura Tyler.

That we did do at the October meeting at Robert's house, and thank you Robert, for having the meeting at your house.
I just want to say here that it has been a special treat this past year meeting at various members homes. I feel we get to know each other on a different level doing this. Thanks to all of you, Suzanne, Cynthia, and Billie, Julia, and Robert who have generously hosted meetings.

Having said that, we are discussing the possibility of securing a permanent location that can be used for meetings, workshops and, why not? even exhibition space. Something like the space that Sharon Kyle-Kuhn has secured in Austin. Money is always the first obstacle and not just money but whose money. But it is do-able. If we decide to do this, I am sure we will figure out a way. In the mean time, Billie is on the lookout.

We had a small group in attendance. Suzanne, Cynthia and Julia were missing this month but we were joined by two new members, Susan Crowson, Elaine Thuener. The other guest was Sandy Haubien (whom we are trying to recruit.) She came with Billie Forney.
Gwen Plunkett and Robert McGehee were the other members present.

Of course, after watching Sister Bee, we were all "a buzz" about the propagation of bees, the many ways our lives are enhanced with bees and bee products, and possibilities for us as artists who depend bees for our medium, to help heighten awareness of problems facing bees and bee keepers alike today. We talked about how the Dallas Wax group is addressing Colony Collapse Disorder (CAD) with a panel discussion at MAC in Dallas this November 12th at 6:30.
Elaine Thuener, one of the new members is also a volunteer with the Houston Arboretum and we discussed the possibility of working up something with them regarding this issue.

Other news, the Dallas group is taking their exhibition "Some Like It Hot" on the road to Port Arthur at the Texas Artists Museum in November. They extended an invitation to our members to exhibit with them there. We thank Junanne and texaxWAX/dallas for including us in that exhibition.

Time line for Some Like It Hot:
October 31 - All work should be delivered to Gwen by this date.
November 1 - installation (Gwen will deliver Houston's work and help install)
November 9, Sunday, 2:30 - 4:00 - reception - demo at 3 pm (Gwen from the Houston group will do the demo)
November 29 - Work comes down. Gwen will bring Houston's work back.

Regarding our joint four group exhibition in 2009, "Degrees", we have secured a venue and a date.
MSquared or M2 Gallery on 19th in Houston Heights is hosting the show in May. All particulars are forth coming in the form of a prospectus as soon as all those particulars have been established.

Welcome again to the newest texasWAX group---TexasWAX/SanAntonio.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is the Bee Team?

Shannon Newby, the founder of the Bee Team on Etsy, interviewed Deanna Wood recently about TexasWAX.

"Hi Deanna. Can you tell the BEE team a bit about your most recent encaustic group show “Some Like it Hot”?

Our group, TexasWAX/Dallas, sent a proposal to the venue, The Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas. We had been accepted and we were on their calendar for next year, but a spot was suddenly open and they asked us to exhibit in conjunction with an exhibit of women printmakers. We rallied and were able to get everything together in a fairly short amount of time. Janet Reynolds, the member who brought the venue to our attention and was instrumental in preparing the proposal, curated the show among the members....."

Read more of this interview on Etsy at this Bee Team site.

But what is the Bee Team I asked?

"This team seeks to exist to unite encaustic artists on Etsy and to begin collaborative projects (such as tutorials, skill-shares, and group shows) to bring awareness about the uses of beeswax in art. We are also avidly supporting beekeepers and organizations who exist to preserve the future of bees." from BEE Team site.

Notice that each BEE Team link in this post takes you to a different part of their site.
Check out the whole site for a better understanding of what they are about. I find it it interesting, fun, and educational.
Plus you can shop!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

TexasWAX/Houston October meeting

Due to Ike, we delayed our October meeting which will be held this coming Sunday, Oct. 12th from three to five o'clock. Robert McGehee will host this month's meeting.

As usual, if you are an artist who works in this medium and are interested in joining our meeting,
contact Gwen for more information.

As mentioned in my previous post, while Ike was making its way across the coast of Texas I was in New York for a wedding. I was near enough to Kingston and took the opportunity to visit RF Paints located in that town. It was a quiet Saturday morning and only two people were in the store. I was able to take a tour of the facility and do a bit of shopping. Topping the visit off was getting to see artist Ed Angell's work was on exhibition in the RF Gallery. I have seen some of these pieces on several sites on the web but this was great to see the exhibit in person.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Power is Back-We Can Melt, Melt and Fuse

Ike came through Houston (well, most of eastern Texas and some of Lousiana) a couple of weeks ago. Accept for the cool front that passed through the day after Ike and dropped enough rain that flooded my studio and many other places as well, the weather has been pretty good to those of us without any electrical power. Only a couple of really hot humid days and nights....! Good wishes to those of you up in Maine with Kyle. Hope he misses you.

I haven't been able to contact all the TexasWax/Houston folks to see if all were okay. I hope everyone is safe. We just got my power back on yesterday. Two weeks and a day it was out and I feel lucky to have power now. Phone lines have been up for some time and if you get your internet connection is though the phone line you are good to go there too. If it comes through cable, well, in some areas, your are stuck even though you have power.

I still have to reorganize my studio and get things back in place before I can work in there again but the space needed a good clean and sweep anyway. I mostly lost paper products...drawing paper, mat board a few drawings too large to fit in my flat files. Nothing really precious was lost.

In this part of Houston every thing is getting back to order. Nearer the coast, like in Galveston, the situation is much different. Buchanan Gallery for instance, suffered much damage and loss. Fortunately, owner, Kathy Buchanan, who didn't evacuate, survived Ike upstairs above the gallery as the waters began rising and winds whipped through the space taking out the walls. I'm sure she has plenty of stories to tell.

I am grateful for only minor damages and lingering lack of power. Others suffered much worse fates.

My experience of the actual storm however, was via the weather channel on a TV in a hotel in Poughkeepsie, NY. I was there to attend my nephew's wedding. It was difficult, but I managed to get out of town that Friday as Ike approached. I returned home to Houston three days later, Monday evening, along with technicians who were coming to help repair things here, Houstonians returning from vacations in Europe and such. We were all were worried about what we would find.

The good part.....Poughkeepsie is near Kingston where RF Paints is located. I did get over to the store and gallery for a short visit and spending spree that Saturday. Fun!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Palimpsest - Trayce Ware at Joan Wich - Mixed Media Encaustics

Now showing at Joan Wich Gallery on Montrose.....Palimpsest - Trayce Ware's exhibition of encaustic paintings and house-shaped sculpture is on view through September.

On the long wall facing you as you enter the gallery is a series of twelve inch square paintings, each a variation of the one pictured here. Elsewhere in the gallery were her larger paintings and sculptural pieces.

I fell in love with the sculptural pieces. Sorry. I don't have images of these. There were four in all and sized from about two to three feet tall. They were all on pedestals. Inset into the sides of several of the houses were small maybe two inch deep indentions that ran either vertically or horizontally. These made perfect little shelves or windows into which are placed little treasures, perhaps talisman. These secreted spaces draw you closer to the work making the viewing experience very intimate.
Echoing the house and the past with its secrets are the series of paintings from which the two below are a part.
Tracye Wear Tracye Wear
Good Housekeeping #1, 2007
encaustic on wood panel
12 x 12 inches

Tracye Wear
Tracye Wear
Good Housekeeping #4, 2007
encaustic on wood panel
12 x 12 inches

The painting below is one of the Ware's larger pieces in this exhibition.

Tracye Wear

Tracye Wear
Family Tree, 2006
encaustic on wood panel
40 x 30 inches

It is really exciting to see a major gallery in Houston showing and selling encaustic paintings and helping our art audience overcome any fear they have of the fragility of this medium.

All images here are from the gallery web site.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Call for Texas Artists Working in Wax

Looking for Texas artists who work in Encaustics. Provide information about yourself along with links to your images in the Comments box below.

TexasWAX/Houston September Meeting and Invitation

Our (TW/H) September meeting is this Sunday (Sept. 7th) at three o'clock at Julia Koivumaa's studio. Bring any work or anything else you wish to share.
Gwen is bringing the movie "Sister Bee" by artist Laura Tyler for us to view.

This is also an invitation to Houston and surrounding area artists who work in this medium to attend our meeting.
Please leave your information in the Comment section below and someone will respond.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

TexasWAX Convergence in Austin

Last week, Deanna Wood (TexasWax/Dallas),and I (TexasWAX/Houston) met up with Sharon Kyle-Kuhn in Austin for an over-night stay at Sharon's to consolidate plans for an upcoming exhibition (TBA) of our (four---read on---4) groups , to discuss possible workshops and retreats for our Texas members in 2009 and just to share ideas. On Saturday morning we attended the monthly meeting of TexasWax/Austin at Bay6 Studios and met many of the member artists including Michelle Belto, who is leaving the Austin group to form the fourth of our Texas organizations, TexasWAX/San Antonio. Their first meeting will be in September. Cheers to Michelle and the artists in San Antonio.

One of the topics of conversation at the meeting regarded issues around the pricing of artwork, from "how one comes up with the price?" to "is it correct to have work in different galleries at different prices?" See this post of Art-tistics regarding those issues.

Aside: Art-tistics is a great blog to subscribe to. The three writers are Joanne Mattera, Bill Gusky and F. Lennox Campello. Interesting topics, good writers. I like it.

Some members brought in work to share. Fun! Scott shared samples of the substrates he builds and sells along with a price list. The meeting ended with a swapping of "stuff " people had brought in.

I left the meeting and Austin feeling very enthusiastic about our future plans and very grateful to the all the Austin members for their hospitality.

Above: Sharon smiling at the camera.

Above: Saturday morning meeting of TexasWAX/Austin group with Caroline's work on paper on gallery wall behind us.

Above: Scott sharing some samples of substrates he can build for you. This one is like a shield. He will make them to your specifications, even free form shapes.
Above: I am in the front gallery looking back to Sharon's studio through the open door. The two doors on your left in the photo lead into the studios of Caroline Wright and Darvin Jones. Work on walls of gallery by Caroline.

Above and Below: Sharon's studio is in the back of the Bay6 Studios. I am standing between the space above and the space below taking these photos. I love this screened-in patio space. Must be nice in cooler weather but even when hot like the take I was there, it provided a lovely breeze.

On a personal note, Sharon generously invited Deanna and I to spend Friday night at her lovely home in the hills of north Austin. Her hospitality included a delicious meal on Friday evening that went way beyond my expectations! We did quite a bit of planning Saturday afternoon following the meeting while cooling off in her pool before we headed back to our respective homes. Many thanks, Sharon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Traveling Again

TexasWAX/Houston's next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 7th at three o'clock in the afternoon at Julia Koivumaa's house/studio.

I hope to have more information to share regarding up-coming fall workshop/retreats and exhibitions.

On August 22nd, Deanna Wood and I are heading over to Austin for an overnight visit with Sharon Kyle Kuhn for a planning session regarding these topics, so we should have more definitive information by our September meeting.

Besides that, Deanna and I have the pleasure to be in Austin when their group meets that Saturday so we are looking forward to meeting with the Austin people and finding out all the interesting things they are doing there.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

TexasWAX/Houston July Meeting

Our July meeting was at Suzanne's new studio this past Sunday. Sadly, one of our members and founder of the Encaustic Workshop at Lonestar College/Cy-Fair, Robert McGehee couldn't be there because he is back in hospital. He is having serious problems related to the surgery he had last summer. We all miss him, wish him well and look forward to his return soon. Besides myself, Suzanne Shield-Polk, Cynthia Robertson, Julia Koivumaa, and Alonso Lopez were in attendance. Suzanne was very generous with tasty refreshments....lunch really! Thanks, Suzanne.
We decided to skip the August meeting and get back on our "first Sunday" schedule set for the 7th of September to be held at Julia's house.

Cynthia Robertson and Julia Koivumaa

Suzanne Shield-Polk and Alonso Lopez

Suzanne spoke about the workshop she attended in California. Etsy, she said, was mentioned as a good source for selling small handmade items.
We talked about the June conference and I shared some of the things I learned at the sessions I attended.

Linda Womack's books Embracing Encaustic were hot items. Everyone was eager to get theirs. I have more.
I only have one copy of the catalog for the Diptych Exhibition and everyone wants one of those too. You can see in the picture of Cynthia and Julia looking through my copy. Julia was a participant in that exhibition.

We welcomed a new member, Alonso Lopez to our group. We spent some time browsing his web site oooing and ahhhing his work. Like Suzanne, he does 3/D as well and has a background in ceramics as well as painting. We are anxious to see his work in person and hear more about the techniques he uses. Check out his web site.

We also discussed working out something with Jerry's Artarama in the way of working meetings or workshops there. I have spoken with the manager there and he is very receptive to that idea.
We discussed the collage technique that I saw Nathan Margalit demonstrate at the conference.
I did a very mini demo. More of a description really and Suzanne played around with it some. I did these two in my studio soon after I returned from the conference. One is 12 inches square and the bottom one is 8 inches square.

Here is a description of his method.

Nathan works on a wooden panel substrate onto which he glues canvas.
He primes the canvas with beeswax and medium fusing between layers before he begins to build his collage. I glued heavy paper down to my wood substrate rather than canvas in my collages.

Nathan has an abundant supply of thrown away books at his disposal in the town where he lives. Students at near-by colleges throw away these things at end of semester providing him a great renewable source of collage material. Besides book pages, he uses any papers he finds, scrap, his own drawings, etc., and feels free to alter any of these with paint or markers of any kind that are compatible with wax. (Gouache is his paint of choice.)

No photo copies please! He uses pages directly out of the books as well as his own or others' drawings, also not photo copied.

His collage material is his palette. He prefers to have a stash of materials at hand before he begins to work. As he chooses a fragment of paper he gives both sides a coat of medium before he attaches it to the substrate with the tacking iron. As he tacks, he rubs off excess wax with a silk old silk shirt. (That is what he had in the demo at the conference!)

I used some fabric (used oil paint rag) as well as pages from an old book and hand made paper for material in my collage. I also added some oil bar on top of the surface afterwards.
I don't have an old silk shirt...had to make do with something else.

He is able to work flat or at the easel and can work large formats more easily that one can in straight encaustic painting. (My opinion here regarding working large.)

His is a very intuitive way of working. That speaks to me.

Below is a detail of one of the paintings Nathan had on display at his conference session.

This is part of the "On the Edge" exhibition at 301 Gallery in Beverly, MA taken in June at the conference. Click the images to enlarge.
Artists from left to right: Gregory Wright; Deborah Kruger; Howard Hersch; Nathan Margalit.

Nathan Margalit's painting in "On the Edge." Click to enlarge and see the details better.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Encaustic Conference Report

This is the follow-up report on the 2nd Encaustic Conference that I promised to make, belated though it is. First off, the conference was well worth all the effort it took to plan and attend. Planners should be congratulated on such a successful event. From my standpoint, everything ran like clockwork. The only complaint from most attendees was about the hot temperatures that came upon us half way through the weekend. The planners had no control over that. People who stayed in the dorms suffered most because there is no air conditioning provided in those spaces. We all suffered through however, and managed to have a great time anyway!

The conference itself ran from Friday through Sunday with "early bird sessions" offered Friday for those attendees who came in early. Below are images from the two early sessions I attended.
Above: One of the "early bird" sessions, a demo by artist Julie Shaw Lutts on her take on encaustic collage. I found most interesting her process of using collage and assemblage with materials like metals and wood combined with paper and wax.
Below: Charyl Weissbach on "The Luminous Landscape" described the process by which these artists put together this exhibition.

Sessions during the conference can be characterized in three ways; demos of particular techniques, presentations with slides or videos regarding various related subjects, and professional developmental type presentations. Sessions are not long enough to include hands-on activity by participants.

I attend three conference sessions that included demonstrations; Nathan Margalit's demo (pictured below) on collage, Russel Thurston on large format painting and Sandi Miot on textures.
Nathan Margalit

Below: Russel Thurston at work during his session.
Above: Sandi Miot. Below: Some of Sandi's samples of textures and Below that: Her palette.

This is Sandi's palette. I was told these nice lidded paint pots come from the children's department at IKEA. I was planning to run over there first thing when I got home from the conference to get myself some but haven't done it yet!

Above: This is part of Sara Mast's presentation about working large. I found her work quite wonderful and her presentation very interesting and informative.
Below: Daniella Wolfe's presentation was equally intriguing. She presented work by artists who combine encaustics and textiles. You can find these artists on her blog---Encausticoplis.

Additional hands-on workshops were offered on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday after the conference and these ran the full day. The fee for each workshop after the conference was extra.

In-between all these activities were four exhibitions up for viewing. Three were located in the conference building (the school) and one at 301 Gallery down the street. Therefore & Because: Decoding Norman Labiberte, Hue Again, works by Joanne Mattera and The Diptych Show, collaborative works by artists from IEA and NEW were the three in the main building.
Receptions were held at special times for each of these exhibitions.

These two photo's below are of some of the diptych's from that collaborative exhibition.
All images below are from "On the Edge" exhibition at 301 Gallery. I am missing attribution information for several of these images so many apologies to those artists. I did want to bring attention to these anyway.

Above: Artist Lorraine Glessner
Rodney Thompson
Karen Freedman

Cari Hernandez

Shelley Gilchrist; Cherry Creek

Paula Roland
Kim Bernard: Tranquil Swarm
Russel Thurston: Bang (on left) & Spline on right

Below: Opposite What? by Lynda Litchfield
Opposite What

Above:Christy Diniz Liffman
Landmarks : Watermarks