Sunday, August 24, 2008

TexasWAX Convergence in Austin

Last week, Deanna Wood (TexasWax/Dallas),and I (TexasWAX/Houston) met up with Sharon Kyle-Kuhn in Austin for an over-night stay at Sharon's to consolidate plans for an upcoming exhibition (TBA) of our (four---read on---4) groups , to discuss possible workshops and retreats for our Texas members in 2009 and just to share ideas. On Saturday morning we attended the monthly meeting of TexasWax/Austin at Bay6 Studios and met many of the member artists including Michelle Belto, who is leaving the Austin group to form the fourth of our Texas organizations, TexasWAX/San Antonio. Their first meeting will be in September. Cheers to Michelle and the artists in San Antonio.

One of the topics of conversation at the meeting regarded issues around the pricing of artwork, from "how one comes up with the price?" to "is it correct to have work in different galleries at different prices?" See this post of Art-tistics regarding those issues.

Aside: Art-tistics is a great blog to subscribe to. The three writers are Joanne Mattera, Bill Gusky and F. Lennox Campello. Interesting topics, good writers. I like it.

Some members brought in work to share. Fun! Scott shared samples of the substrates he builds and sells along with a price list. The meeting ended with a swapping of "stuff " people had brought in.

I left the meeting and Austin feeling very enthusiastic about our future plans and very grateful to the all the Austin members for their hospitality.

Above: Sharon smiling at the camera.

Above: Saturday morning meeting of TexasWAX/Austin group with Caroline's work on paper on gallery wall behind us.

Above: Scott sharing some samples of substrates he can build for you. This one is like a shield. He will make them to your specifications, even free form shapes.
Above: I am in the front gallery looking back to Sharon's studio through the open door. The two doors on your left in the photo lead into the studios of Caroline Wright and Darvin Jones. Work on walls of gallery by Caroline.

Above and Below: Sharon's studio is in the back of the Bay6 Studios. I am standing between the space above and the space below taking these photos. I love this screened-in patio space. Must be nice in cooler weather but even when hot like the take I was there, it provided a lovely breeze.

On a personal note, Sharon generously invited Deanna and I to spend Friday night at her lovely home in the hills of north Austin. Her hospitality included a delicious meal on Friday evening that went way beyond my expectations! We did quite a bit of planning Saturday afternoon following the meeting while cooling off in her pool before we headed back to our respective homes. Many thanks, Sharon.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Traveling Again

TexasWAX/Houston's next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 7th at three o'clock in the afternoon at Julia Koivumaa's house/studio.

I hope to have more information to share regarding up-coming fall workshop/retreats and exhibitions.

On August 22nd, Deanna Wood and I are heading over to Austin for an overnight visit with Sharon Kyle Kuhn for a planning session regarding these topics, so we should have more definitive information by our September meeting.

Besides that, Deanna and I have the pleasure to be in Austin when their group meets that Saturday so we are looking forward to meeting with the Austin people and finding out all the interesting things they are doing there.