Monday, September 21, 2009

Extended Gallery Hours at Bosque for McGehee Exhibition

See Slide Show on side bar to the right for images of exhibition at Bosque Gallery.

Bosque Gallery has extended the hours for Robert McGehee's exhibition 'An Artist's Journey' to M-F 11-4 pm.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Robert McGehee Exhibition Traveling to Bosque Gallery

"An Artist's Journey" Robert McGehee's memorial exhibition opens next week at Bosque Gallery on the CyFair Campus of Lonestar College. The reception is Thursday, Sept. 24 from 4:30 to 6:30. Gallery hours are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from eleven o'clock til two o'clock.

An ofrenda is being planned adjacent to the Bosque gallery in honor of Robert. He was a great fan of the practice of ofrenda altar-making and arranged for several campus events and presentations on the subject. He would be very pleased.

Bosque Gallery is part of the Fines Arts program at the CyFair Campus of Lonestar College located at 9191 Barker-Cypress Road. The gallery is located in the Fine Arts building on the south-east side of the campus.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Succesful Museum Day at HCCC

Thanks first go out to Jason Kishell, Artist-in-Residence Coordinator at HCCC, and HCCC for inviting TexasWAX to participate in Gathering of the Guilds, HCCC's part of Museum Day in Houston. Over 600 people came through despite the rainy day. Visitors were very enthusiastic and interested to see what we were doing with wax, many surprised that we were using wax as a painting medium.
A huge THANKS to Suzanne Shield-Polk and Steffani Frideres who joined me for the day. We answered many questions about the encaustic medium and about the TexasWAX organization, while at the same time, we each demonstrated various encaustic painting techniques.
It was busy all day and at times, very crowded at our tables with all three of us fielding questions and painting at the same time. It was fun and exciting to see so much interest, enthusiasm and awe.
Sadly, I did not bring my camera so there are no images.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

TexasWAX/Houston at Gathering of the Guilds this Saturday

Saturday, September 12th
From 10am to 5pm
TexasWAX/Houston artists will demonstrate encaustic painting techniques at
Gathering of the Guilds at Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts
this Saturday, September 12th.

Gathering of the Guilds at Houston Center for Contemporary Crafts is part of the Museum Day event that happens every year in Houston's museum district. All museums participating offer free admission, transportation, with demonstrations and hands-on activities at some locations.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Robert McGehee/Memorial Exhibition

Below: Robert McGehee at Houston Community College Gallery in 2001 installing one of his pieces for the Faculty show that year. I didn't have my camera last evening so the images posted here from other sources. Some of them like this one were not in the memorial exhibit.

The majority of the work presented in Robert McGehee’s memorial exhibition at LSC-North Harris was last evening was from his latest venture into the medium of encaustics but there were paintings in acrylic, works on paper including intaglio prints and drawings and even some of his beautiful painted Porcelain pieces, as well. All the work, however, was very much in keeping with the themes he talked about in his statement below.

“My current work deals with the symbiotic relationship between cellular (physical) life and spiritual existence. Cellular life consists of health, disease, pain, passion, age, life cycles, regeneration, body fluids, blood, and death. Spiritual essence could include love, hate, suffering, joy, and determination. The co-mingling of these two states of being is of great interest in my work. I am currently working on some imagery concerned with the precise moment physical life and spirit both combine and separate.
This line of work began within the body and centered upon the internal physical world. Most of the early work centered on blood and disease. I then moved into a cellular exploration and have now evolved into exploring the melding and separation of the physical (cellular) and the spiritual. I would like to develop a show that filled the gallery with cellular and spiritual imagery and that would evoke a feeling of life and regeneration.”

The large painting leaning against the wall to the left is also Robert's work.
These two images are taken from archives of the Houston Community College SW Art Gallery Site.

The memorial exhibition will travel to LSC-CyFair campus later in the month for a short run so there is opportunity for you to still see his work if you can’t make it to Houston before the closing at North Harris on Sept. 18th. It is worth your time.

Below are more images of Robert's work.