Friday, June 22, 2012

Paula Roland at Anya Tish Gallery this month

Sizzle! Hot Wax Prints
4411 Montrose Blvd.
Houston, TX
Opening Reception June 22, 6-8:30 pm 

Paula Roland
Fire and Ice (Detail)   Layered Encaustic Monotypes, fluorescent lights    42" x 104"    2012
Exhibition continues through July 28
During the events of

Anya Tish Gallery is happy to announce the exciting new exhibition of experimental printmaker Paula Roland in Sizzle! Hot Wax Prints. An expert in encaustic wax printing, Roland has originated many of the techniques used in this method of making art. Through the combination of the historic practices of encaustic painting and experimental printmaking, a new form of art is developed: encaustic wax printing. With encaustic printing, molten pigmented wax is applied to a heated metal plate and lifted off of it onto paper. No press is used.  

As paper and wax are combined, Roland navigates the sea of shifting shapes, colors, depth and translucency in each mercurial encaustic print. Due to the process, her prints share an unpredictability and unique similarity to the New Mexican landscape that she calls home. The interplay of the heated wax and colorful pigments move in diverse ways slowly revealing an artistic narrative that is then transferred onto paper. Roland's most recent installation, Fire and Ice, reflects her concerns about the results of climate change. Although Roland is in charge of each print she creates, the underlying level of uncertainty brilliantly creates monotype prints that can never be re-created or foreseen.

Fire and Ice consists of eight large free-hanging translucent wax prints in two layers. Lit from behind the fluid wax shapes and patterns emerge, blend and recede in mystery. Also shown are works from two of Paula Roland's encaustic print series, Language of Beauty, and Taiko.

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