Tuesday, February 12, 2008

TexasWAX/Houston TexasWAX/Dallas: Collaborating Artists Media Project, Inc.

Postcard Design by Deanna Wood
See Deanna Wood's comments at her blogspot regarding the two new groups of artist forming in Texas.
Deanna and I have been communicating for several months now and things are underway and getting exciting with our first collaboration....an exhibition in Dallas that coincides with the
College Art Association Conference being held Feb. 20-24.

I had to miss our February meeting here in Houston because I was in California with my daughter while she had her first child. Baby, Charley Logan, was late as most first babies are so I was delayed in my return back to Houston. Robert McGehee held the February meeting at his house and studio and I was sorry to miss but new babies come first. March meeting will be held at Cynthia Robertson's house. Our agenda at the March meeting includes discussion regarding our next collaborative venture here in Houston.

Hope to see you in Dallas next week.