Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Some Like it Hot in at TAM in Port Arthur

Suzanne Shield-Polk

Here are some images of our exhibition at Texas Artists Museum in Port Arthur. The reception was well attended. Artists Junanne Peck and Darlyne Hartman (TexasWAX/Dallas members) were instrumental in arranging for this to happen. Thanks to them both for all their work.

Thanks to the people at TAM for the lovely space and reception.

Below are some of the images I took at the reception. I will just post a few. Check out TexasWAX/Dallas for more.

Dian Reader Dorn

Mirtha Aertker
L. Diane Reader Dorn Center two: Susan Crowson Far Right: Linda Walker

Charlotte Cornett
Elaine Thuene
Center: Gwendolyn Plunkett On either end: Julia Kiovumaa
L. Larry C. Kitchen
Center: Nancy Lea

Sandy Trevino-Wigley, Interim Executive Director

Peggy Epner and Carmen Menza
Franzi Bader

Trayc Claybrook's work

Choral group from Lamar (They were great, by-the-way! Such fun!)

Trayc Claybrook
Sylvia Thronton

Cheryl McClure

Julia Kiovumaa

Deanna Wood
Elaine Thuener
Top: Robin Walker Lower: Larry C. Kitchen

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