Thursday, October 9, 2008

What is the Bee Team?

Shannon Newby, the founder of the Bee Team on Etsy, interviewed Deanna Wood recently about TexasWAX.

"Hi Deanna. Can you tell the BEE team a bit about your most recent encaustic group show “Some Like it Hot”?

Our group, TexasWAX/Dallas, sent a proposal to the venue, The Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas. We had been accepted and we were on their calendar for next year, but a spot was suddenly open and they asked us to exhibit in conjunction with an exhibit of women printmakers. We rallied and were able to get everything together in a fairly short amount of time. Janet Reynolds, the member who brought the venue to our attention and was instrumental in preparing the proposal, curated the show among the members....."

Read more of this interview on Etsy at this Bee Team site.

But what is the Bee Team I asked?

"This team seeks to exist to unite encaustic artists on Etsy and to begin collaborative projects (such as tutorials, skill-shares, and group shows) to bring awareness about the uses of beeswax in art. We are also avidly supporting beekeepers and organizations who exist to preserve the future of bees." from BEE Team site.

Notice that each BEE Team link in this post takes you to a different part of their site.
Check out the whole site for a better understanding of what they are about. I find it it interesting, fun, and educational.
Plus you can shop!

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