Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Texas Wax Houston October meeting

Thanks to Linda Walker for hosting our October meeting at her home. Suzanne Shield-Polk, Elaine Theuner, Susan Crowson, Linda, of course and Gwen were in attendance.

Gwen brought in a can of shellac and some Mica flakes and powder and demonstrated how Patricia Seggebruch describes the technique in her book Encaustic Workshop, setting it on fire while still wet. Linda played with it some on one of her pieces below. Of course we did all this out side.

Below is Gwen's demo piece. First we sopped in some shellac with a paper towel and set the wet shellac on fire. Then, we saturated a bit of the paper towel and cord with shellac and placed it onto the piece then set it on fired. Later, when the shellac was dry, Gwen hit the surface with a small torch to see how it could be manipulated dry. (see top right side)

Our November meeting place has changed. We will meet at the Menil that Sunday, (November 15th) instead of at Suzanne's house. There will more about that meeting in another post.

Linda and Gwen reported on the joint group meeting they attended in September that was held in Austin at the Dougherty Arts Center. It was a lot of fun visiting with everyone and informative as well. Austin member-associates (those who wanted to) shared their work with everyone. Each talked about particular techniques they use, ideas that inform their work, and a bit of their history with the medium. It was a great meeting to launch our newly formed statewide organization, Texas Wax. Thanks to Sharon and all the Austin members who helped getting that together.
Below are Sharon, Kristy, Kevin and Linda in front of the Dougherty Arts Center.
Go to the sidebar for a slide show of more images from the Austin meeting.

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