Thursday, August 11, 2011

HOT! HOT! HOT! Art Exhibition at Bosque Gallery, LoneStar College, CyFair

Houston member artists of TexasWAX  exhibited their work this summer at Bosque Gallery, LoneStar College, CyFair campus. The exhibition closes next week. 
Exhibiting artists were Steffani Frideres, Jennie Kimbrough, Julia Koivumaa, Caroline Marcos, Hayes Parker, Gwendolyn Plunkett, Suzanne Shield-Polk and Linda Walker.

L - R Large orange diptych by Julia Koivumaa,  two small pieces by Jennie Kimbrough and five piece series by Steffani Frideres

Caroline Marcos

 Linda Walker 

Jennie Kimbrough

Steffani Frideres

Left wall of gallery looking towards lobby. 

Right wall of gallery: Works by Julia Koivumaa, Hayes Parker and Suzanne Shield-Polk

Hayes Parker

Hayes Parker

Hayes Parker, Julia Koivumaa, Jennie Kimbrough, and Steffani Frideres

Hayes standing next to three of his pieces.

L -R Julia Koivumaa and Hayes Parker

Suzanne Shield-Polk, her large ceramic bottle with encaustic

Suzanne Shield-Polk

Close-up of Suzanne's bottle

Linda Walker

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