Saturday, April 5, 2008

TexasWAX/Dallas-Houston Exhibition at CAMP in Dallas

Here are some images from the TexasWAX/Dallas-Houston exhibition in Dallas at CAMP.

L. Cheryl McClure-Dallas; C. Kate Miller -Key West; R. Carolyn Fox Hearn-Dallas
Artist Diane Dorn-Dallas
Artist Vidya Kagal-Dallas

Whispers by Deanna Wood - Dallas
L. Work by Franziska Bader; R. Untitled by Linda Walker - Houston
Transformation by Suzanne Shield-Polk-Houston

L. Work by Charlotte Corbett -Dallas, R. Untitled by Billie Forney-Houston
Counting Time from Ritual Series by Gwendolyn Plunkett-Houston
Itch by Robin Ann Walker - Dallas
L. Franziska Bader and guest Kathryn Bevier (from Enkaustikos Wax Art Supplies)
Salute to Whistler by Cheryl McClure - Dallas

Spanish Saint by Charlotte Corbett - Dallas
L: Menepause II by Cynthia Robertson - Houston R: Untitled by Robert McGehee - Houston
L. Smash and Demolish by Trayc Claybrook- Dallas; Middle and Right: Works by Cheryl McClure - Dallas

Gallery shot with Kate Miller & Joanne Mattera, among others.
Sylvia Thornton with her work
Zen Garden Series: Franziska Bader
Trayc Claybrook: Smash and Demolish
Janet Reynolds with one of her paintings.
Gwendolyn Plunkett and Deanna Wood

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