Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Address

Please note that this blogspot has changed addresses. The TexasWAX/Houston blog is continuing but with a different address that is more straight forward। Please make the changes in your files.


Note that our (TexasWAX/Houston) next meeting is scheduled for May 4 at 2:00.
Artists working in wax and want to participate in this group, contact Gwen at


FYI Houston artists interested in wax supplies, Art Supply (2711 Main St. at Dennis ..near McGowan) has a small supply of RF brand Encaustic starter sets and blocks of medium if you don't want to wait for mail order shipments. The owner of the store is very knowledgeable regarding any technical advice you might have regarding mixing media-what is safe and archival to mix together and what is safe to heat.

For more information Encaustic working tools and equipment, setting up your studio to accomodate this medium, safety issues and so forth, the best source I know is Joanne Mattera's book The Art of Encaustic Painting. I have seen it in book stores around town but you can mail order it as well. For those of us who work with wax, this book has become our bible.

Art Supply also carries a good supply of substrates...popular brands plus some of their own making if you are not handy with saws and such. These are the ones I would prefer because you can probably specialize your order regarding image size and depth of cradle. They have nice smooth sides and seams and very neatly joined corners unlike my recent hand made ones.
There are also studios for lease through Art Supply (Artist Studio Complex) at that downtown location but most are already taken. Some are live-in studios. They probably have a waiting list.

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