Thursday, May 8, 2008

Meetings and Greetings

TexasWAX/Houston meeting was Sunday at Gwen's house. Three new artists attended the meeting. Looks like we are growing. Julia Koivumaa, one of our new members, had just come back from the IEA retreat in Carmel with lots of stuff to share with us.
Tuesday, Deanna Wood from the Dallas group drove over from Denton for a visit. Deanna and I met up with Sharon Kyle Kuhn who had driven over from Austin. That evening we got together at Cynthia Robertson's house with some of the Houston members for a delicious meal that Cynthia cooked.
The 2nd Annual Encaustic Conference is coming up the first weekend of June. Robert McGehee and I from the Houston group are attending this year. Deanna will be there from the Dallas group. Due to the conference, our next TWH meeting will be in July on the 13th.

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