Sunday, January 18, 2009

January Meeting-2009 and the Following Week

Our first meeting of the year was graciously hosted by Cynthia Robertson. Thanks Cynthia.
Even though we had a small gathering in attendance, it was good to get back in the swing of things and get a few things done.
Thanks to Scot Eddy, a TexasWAX/Austin member, we had two prototype hexagon shaped substrates to choose from for our HIVE project. In December we decided on the 16 inch size. At this meeting we decided on the Luan because it was a bit lighter in weight and also a bit less costly than the Birch even though the Birch panel is beautiful. Scot says he can have them ready by end of February.
We ordered enough so each artist can buy three if they choose. Cost is $35 per panel.
I will drive to Austin to pick them up and pay for them. Artists will reimburse me.

Some members will create three dimensional work and/or multi-media pieces rather than the 2/D but may choose to do both.
Elaine Thuener, though not in attendance, spoke with me on Tuesday of last week regarding
the Heifer Project that "provides training and support for families in environmentally harsh regions who can use resource management and agriculture techniques to get the most out of their land." One of their projects is in the northwest region of Tanzania. Families there "are facing extreme hardships due to low incomes and a lack of knowledge for caring for the little resources that they have. This project aims to improve the lives of 751 farm families in 10 different communities over the course of five years by providing them with honeybees and fish fingerlings, plus specialized training in resource management, beekeeping and agroforestry."

Her suggestion was that we include an element of support to some group in need with part of sales or contributions we get. Something to consider anyway.
Denise Stringer-Davis in Lufkin has suggested we include an educational component for school children. I think that is also very do-able. Not just as a presentation but possibly a related art project for high school artists or even elementary students.
On another note....
We have also been offered an exhibition opportunity at San Jacinto College during the month of March. Dates are Mar 9 - April 3rd. Reception is Saturday 9:00-2:00.
We need a title for the exhibition.
Fusion is one suggestion. Another is Wax Works. I need to know asap!
I still had some wax left from the trip to Vidor before Christmas for members to buy. I haven't worked with it yet. I have wax from both Vidor and Dadant in Paris, TX. I will make some medium soon-two batches-one with the Vidor beeswax and one with the Dadant beeswax to see if I note any differences. Of course, I also have the wax from RF Paints that is so nice broken down into granules. Price wise though, Vidor wax is most reasonable, then Dadant, then RF and other suppliers.
All griddles are taken, I am told, in Robert's Encaustic Workshop this semester. Great going, Robert.
Cynthia suggested we hold another workshop at Cy-Fair for those wanting to learn how to build the substrates with cradles, make medium and a few other things. It is in proposal stage and probably won't make it for this semester as we hoped. The schedules were already out and we were a bit late I am afraid. We still may be able to do something like that but not out at school. My studio perhaps. Have to think on it.
We also talked about the possibility of holding a "mini-conference" the weekend of the "Degrees" reception. Securing hotel discounts for those attending the reception and staying over night is something we need to do whether or not we consider it a conference. We need to talk more about this at our next meeting.
Other things in the wind---the Austin group had their meeting yesterday and used it as a planning meeting for the coming year. Some very good ideas are on the burner as I write this
that impacts, in a positive way, all four, excuse me, five TexasWAX groups. Yes, I said five. Amarillo is our fifth and newest addition. Stay tuned for more about this.
Congratulations to both Sharon Kyle-Kuhn (Austin group) and Deanna Wood in (Dallas group) on their respective exhibitions.
Sharon's work is included in a group invitational exhibition in Chicago curated by Eileen Golberg called Tangible Wax: Contemporary Works in Wax. Read about it here.

Deanna's exhibition, Seeking Shelter, is a solo show at the Leslie Powell Foundation and Art Gallery in Lawton, Oklahoma. It runs Jan. 10 through Feb. 28.
Our February meeting is scheduled for the 8th (second Sunday) at Sara Cooney's house. We began our plans for the new year back at the November meeting but we only got a few months into 2009 so let's all try to attend this meeting and finish our year's plans.

Please RSVP to Gwen whether you will attend the February meeting or not.

See you on the 8th.

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