Monday, February 9, 2009

February Meeting

L to R- Sara, Cynthia, Elaine , Jane, Denise, Julia, Gwen

Thanks to Sara for hosting our meeting this month and a very productive meeting it was.
We had a good group in attendance including our newest member Denise Stringer-Davis who drove over from Lufkin.
HIVE project:
The hexagon panels were ready for delivery so members present were able to get those. Below is Scot Eddy with the panels complete. I picked them up in Austin on Friday.
Scot Eddy and his daughter with hexagon panels.
March meeting has been moved up a week to the first Sunday to accommodate members who
need to deliver work to be taken out to Pasadena for the FUSE exhibition. I will send out tags for each of you to fill out and attach to your work. Work must be wired and ready to hang. Please include any special instructions for hanging your work if there are any.

Julia volunteered to take care of publicity for our up-coming exhibitions.
Julia is also checking into getting quotes on catering for the Degrees reception in May. She and I will both look into securing a bar tender for that evening.

We need to find out numbers from other groups who may attend the Degrees reception so that when we will approach hotels in the area for discounts for that weekend we will know approximately how many rooms we will need. I will take care of that.

Deanna in the Dallas group has volunteered to create a postcard for the Degrees show.
Denise and Jane both brought work to share with the group. That part is always fun.

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